Buying High-Quality Japanese Trucks in Australia

Japanese trucks guarantee you top quality and incredible performance. They are the best truck choices if you are looking for reliability and durability and also come in a vast array of sizes as well as chassis types that you can choose from.  You can use these highly versatile trucks in order to perform a variety of tasks when it comes to your hauling needs. There is always a truck for every of your need and every purpose that you can imagine. In Australia, the medium duty and heavy duty Japanese trucks are quite popular with buyers.

One of the most reliable truck suppliers in the Australia market is UD Trucks which offers a variety of top quality trucks in the medium duty range. Some of these include the following:

·         The MK Range of Trucks: These UD truck models have been built for the city but you can use them for the statewide operations. If you are looking for affordability and durability along with an environmentally friendly design in your trucks, then this is the truck to go for. When you buy trucks from the MK series, you will pick from two-horsepower options along with a host of features in each of the models. This design allows you to tailor the chassis of the medium duty truck that you buy very accurately to your specifications. The MK series of trucks from UD Trucks assure you of very smooth power delivery and assures your drivers an easy ride. The cab of the truck has an ergonomic design and is packed with plenty of standard features.

·         The PK Range of Trucks: With the PK range of the medium duty trucks, you are assured of several admirable qualities that will be advantageous for your business such as very good efficiency, durability, safety, comfort and convenience for your drivers. When you buy medium trucks from the PK range, you will get a quiet and very refined design along with good power and torque range. You can apply the PK range of the trucks in some of the toughest trucking trucks in Australia.  They have a torque range of up to 280hp as well as 883Nm. You have good choice when it comes to the truck suspensions and you will be able to choose between leaf spring and air suspensions when you are purchasing these trucks. Great features built into the trucks make it ideal for various freight applications.

The Condor models are the smallest in the UD truck collection. If you want to buy heavy trucks for the heavy duty applications, you can choose from the Quon Range of trucks. The best thing about these Japanese trucks is that they have been built with the SCR Emissions technology which is Euro 5 rated. The fuel transmission technology uses Eco Shift which guarantees you of significant fuel savings in the vehicle. These are medium duty Japanese trucks that have been constructed with the strength to get the work done and deliver performance and reliability for your business. For more information, visit: