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Everybody loves sports. While only a few make a career out of their passion for sports, everybody loves to be involved in sports in one way of the other. They might go for competitive sports, where awards are stake, or it could just be for fun especially when it is between friends and family. State of Origin is one of the biggest sporting events in Australia. With people coming from all sorts of places to participate or watch the event, there is huge demand for tickets and sitting spaces. Corporate suites state of origin boxes offer some of the best vantage positions from which you can take in the action while you get first-class pampering and services. There are loads of entertainment options, cuisines, fine wines and an opportunity to rub shoulders with the who’s who along with past State of Origin legends.

In order to get the best packages for the corporate suites State of Origin boxes, it would be advisable to work with a sports marketing company with an excellent reputation in the industry. Some companies will offer you diverse Origin packages that you can pick from for the three State of Origin matches. The different state of origin packages provide different people with the opportunity to be part of the event at a cost that they can afford. One such company is Southern Cross Sports Marketing.

As the main sports marketer of the event, Southern Cross Sports Marketing sells 2015 origin group tickets for people who will be attending as a group. This allows the group to secure a common seating area as opposed to being distributed all over. The group tickets are also significantly discounted and this provides an opportunity for the group to save on costs. Having been in the industry for years, the company has formed very important industry connections that are critical for their sports marketing job. They have provided their services to many companies. Their services portfolio also includes hospitality services for their corporate clients.

The company has organized very successful sporting events and is reputed for their prowess in sports marketing. Their employees are very experienced and competent in their job and they provide some of the best services you will ever get. Southern Cross Sports Marketing has access to thousands of corporate suites and they are able to source them for their clients. Their experience in sports management also makes them experts in identifying and developing talent. This is something that they have done for years and have been highly successful.

Because of their expertise, the company provides sports consultancy services to many clients. The company is not only able to organize and market a sporting event, but they are also able to execute the event itself. They are also able to organize and execute any attached activities that go with the main event. The company prepares the sports promotion material and oversees the distribution of the same. They have professionals that are able to handle everything involved to make the sporting event a success.

Whatever you sporting activity there is, the company’s staff are able and willing to work with you. They will listen as you give details on how you want your event to be like, and they will then offer their own advice on how the event will be organized. Don’t miss out on the best corporate suites State of Origin has for this tournament. Check out to book yours today.

Post Author: Jesset Moller

Jesset Moller