Ideas on how to save on printing ink

The highest ranking complaint that printer owners rant about is the cost of toners or ink. As absurd as it may sound, ink cost does run high especially if you perform printing in high volumes. Fortunately there are several tips that ensure your printing costs come down to a bare minimum. Below are various tips on how your HP DesignJet T1530 36-in printer can use minimal ink. It is however imperative to figure out your monthly printing costs so as to know which tips will work well for you.

Go for printers having minimal cost per page

Just because a printer has a low price tag, it doesn’t mean they are cost efficient when it comes to printing. The justification for this is that state of the art printers in most cases will have a lessened cost per page whereas low budget printers will in a number of cases be coupled with pricey ink costs. Even so, despite various printers being in the same price range, running costs may vary when compared to each other. It is therefore necessary to undertake some research so as to avoid incurring high ink costs.

You are advised to know that economical cartridges are also expensive and of high quality. This means that despite enjoying the privilege of changing them occasionally, you will have to fork out a handsome amount. An ideal illustration is the replacement of color laser toner cartridges which cost a couple of hundred dollars. On the other hand, should you use inkjets and your printing isn’t heavy, you will find that a low budget cartridge serves you best.

In-house printing, the better option

Majority of printers are capable of printing photos, text and graphics at a quality suitable for use in materials such as brochures. Owning such kind of a printer is beneficial as it eliminates the need plus costs involved in outsourcing such services. Investing in a GOM HP Designjet T1530 36-in printer does pay for itself as well as offer convenience of accessing printing services 24/7.

Take advantage of automatic duplexer

Majority of printers come with a feature known as automatic duplexer. This feature allows you to be able to print content on both sides of your paper. This explains why most printing machines have this feature set to default mode. The global office machine HP Designjet T1530 36-in printer thus becomes economical and eco-friendly since paper usage is slashed down by half. It is however imperative to note that duplex printing is slower and single side printing needs you to adjust settings to simplex mode.

Be hawk eyed on what you print

Printing only what you need reduces ink use and clutter. There is no need to print a page having 200 comments whereas an opinion article is all what you wanted to read. Always ensure you preview a document prior to printing since the print-out may have gaps in it.

Cutting down on printing costs is never supposed to be difficult. Useful tips are all it takes. The above named will come in handy. For more information please visit

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Jesset Moller