Body Building Supplements: What’s in a Bottle?

For every fitness enthusiast, bodybuilding supplements are a MUST. Besides getting regular and proper exercises and training, the body needs a certain boost to show results and improvements. And this comes in the form of the right supplements.

By definition, a supplement is  something added for a deficiency, makes something complete or strengthens/improves as a whole. In the case of bodybuilding supplements, these are used to make a workout more effective. For the muscles to be defined and emphasized and grow the fastest,  taking the necessary supplement is a necessity. Supplements are also categorized according to age, gender, physical condition and intensity of routine.

But does this mean that any supplement that the market offers is effective and safe? For someone trying it for the first time, it’s advisable to be informed on what to look for especially when it comes to the ingredients. What should be in a bottle? Are there certain ingredients that should be present and can help someone build muscles the fastest? 

Here are ingredients you need to check in every bottle:


The best bodybuilding supplements should have citrulline. This is a specific compound that can enhance the athletic performance of every athlete and active individual. It fights fatigue, therefore, gives enough stamina to last the long hours of workout. Sometimes, no matter how dedicated one person is to finish his or her routine, the body may resist and give up. But once a supplement that consists of citrulline is regularly taken, he or she feels stronger and able to endure long and intense hours of exercise or weight-training. It keeps the energy up and pumping from the start to the end. This is also present in certain foods such as watermelon and apples. These fruits can be taken daily but to avoid  having the same snack every single day. taking supplements is the perfect alternative.


Another great ingredient in bodybuilding supplements to watch out for is betaine. Whether for the intention of both post and pre-body workout, this ingredient is suitable. So what is betaine? This question arises because of the fact that the ingredient is actually nothing new today. It has been used for treating heart diseases in the past before it was then discovered to be a great body building supplement and aide.

Beta Alanine

Many people get confused with this since it sounds alike. This is an amino acid that improves strength and stamina needed for developed muscle mass. The effect of beta alanine is greatly seen and experienced when one trains intensively – such as those who are weight training and building muscles. Compared to athletes who are more into slow and moderate exercise levels, bodybuilders will benefit the most with this. The dosage and intake of the supplement may vary and should always be consulted with a physician and specialist.

As consumers who are particularly passionate on fitness and bodybuilding, the need to inspect and check the bottle label is highly stressed. This can not only guarantee effective results but one’s personal safety as well.