Moving Beyond the Stigma: The Importance of Joining Herpes Support Group

Have you just been diagnosed with the herpes simplex virus? Consider signing up with a herpes support group. You shouldn’t go through it alone as help is available. Herpes support groups are essential in reducing stigmatization and improving the quality of life. Naturally, you’ll feel confused, scared and overwhelmed upon discovering that you have contracted the herpes virus. It is also common to feel ashamed, angry and alone.

There are many steps you are likely to take when you receive this news. First is to disclose it to your spouse or a close friend. This is a great way to relieve the burden. Next is to approach your doctor to seek advice on how to handle the illness medically. If you are a religious person, you’ll approach your spiritual leader and seek for emotional and spiritual support. If you’re a reader, you’ll go the library and pick a number of self-help books. All these are common reactions to dealing with herpes virus diagnosis. While patients all have their own way of making things better, the feeling of isolation and loneliness can only be eliminated by joining a herpes support group. Here is a list of benefits you can get by joining local and online herpes support groups:

  • You’ll be able to express your anxieties, sadness, frustration, anger, embarrassment, shame, guilt and fear;
  • Your confidence is built as you speak out;
  • All your questions will get to be answered: Is there a cure for herpes? Is it safe to have unprotected sex when you have herpes? Can I get a herpes sex partner?
  • You meet other people who are living with the herpes virus and learn from the experiences they share;
  • You learn tips on how to date again and be in a long relationship;
  • You make friends and develop support networks;
  • You learn strategies on how to cope with the virus;
  • You get to share your emotional distresses with people who can relate with your situation and can empathize with you; and
  • Most importantly, your hope for the future is restored. You get hope for dating, sex and love.

A support group is a structured and safe environment for people to learn, connect and share with people who can directly relate to the condition they are having. While members of support groups are brought together by a common thing, they are all different in their way of thinking. Everyone has their own different perspective and personality. Some individuals, for instance, prefer to be on the serving side, while others prefer to remain on the receiving side. A herpes support group will actually give you an opportunity to serve others, especially if you are naturally cut-out to do it.

A herpes support groups comprises of the participants and a facilitator. Your group’s facilitator will be responsible for steering meetings and ensuring that everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts. He is also responsible for providing accurate information to members and correcting misinformation where necessary. Most importantly, the facilitator makes sure that members receive accurate medical information.

Post Author: Jesset Moller

Jesset Moller