The Nitty-Gritty Details in Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings

Throughout history, diamond has been used as the enduring symbol of love. Many engagements across the globe involve the exchange of diamond. It’s the value, brilliance and strength of diamond that makes it ideal for this special role. Melbourne has not been left out in making history – diamond is the number one stone used in making engagement rings in Melbourne. The diamond engagament rings Melbourne has to offer are available in so many varieties that choosing the right one can be quite confusing. Even so, you must fight all odds and make sure that you get a ring that she will like. When it comes to diamond engagement rings, it is the small details that make all the difference.

Good combination of the Four “Cs”

The combination of the diamond’s 4 Cs (Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color) is of great importance. The combination you choose will depend on what you are looking for and your budget as well. For instance, you may choose to have a big stone free of inclusions. A well-cut diamond always has more brilliance and sparkle, but it might cost you more. Before you visit the jewelry shop, make sure you have cracked all the four Cs.

Clarity: This refers to the imperfections or inclusions in the stone such as minuscule mineral deposits. These imperfections are too tiny to see with the naked eye – you might need to use a magnifying glass. The less frequent and smaller the inclusions, the more valuable the stone.

Carat: This is basically the weight of the diamond. The larger the diamond the more valuable it is. It is important to keep in mind that two stones of the equal carat weight can have different values depending on the stone’s color, clarity and cut.

Color: Diamonds are available in different colors including colorless, faint yellow, blue, pink, green, brown and other colors. Color choice is a matter of preference. Colorless diamonds tend to be relatively valuable compared to the other colors.

Cut: The way the diamond is cut is extremely important. In fact, it is the most important factor of the 4 Cs. The cut determines the diamond’s brilliance and its reflective qualities. A well-cut diamond had a bright appearance.


You might have chosen the right combination of the 4Cs, but fail terribly on the shape. Shape refers to the actual geometry of the diamond. Diamond engagement rings Melbourne offers come in different shapes including round, princess, pear, cushion, heart, Asscher, oval, emerald, marquise and radiant. You must know your fiancée’s favorite shape before you set out on a shopping spree. A little spying on her jewelry can help you find out the kind of shape she loves.

The Metal

Don’t focus too much on the diamond and forget about the metal; it matters a lot. Diamond engagement rings Melbourne shops has available offer a wide range of metal bands to choose from. One of the popular choices is platinum – extremely pure and durable, and ideal for sensitive skin. Gold is also a great choice and it comes in a variety of colors including white, rose, yellow and even green.

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Jesset Moller