Whiten your teeth with laser whitening treatment

Our daily lifestyle and unhealthy practices like smoking, excessive consumption of tea, coffee and other beverages often cause our teeth to stain. Sauces and various fruits like blueberries and pomegranates are high in chromogens that stick to the tooth enamel and make the teeth lose its natural shine. To fight this discoloration, many people today consider laser teeth whitening Brisbane professionals provide.

laser teeth whitening brisbane


It is needless to say that whiter teeth enhance the beauty and appearance of any person and laser whitening treatment can really help you achieve the desired results. This form of whitening process helps to release oxygen ions from a whitening gel that is applied on the teeth and gently removes the stains from the enamel.

Steps for getting the treatment:

If you want to get done the procedure of laser teeth whitening Brisbane dentists undertake, then ask your dentist to follow a conventional procedure:

1. Screening: Firstly, it is to be investigated whether a person is eligible to get the treatment or not. It is advised that pregnant women and adolescents should delay the treatment. But if it is a major concern, then adolescents and teenagers may avail this treatment under a close supervision of an experienced doctor.

The doctor should also check if the patient’s gum have subsided and expose a considerable part of the tooth root. As the roots are not affected by bleaching, therefore the teeth may bleach unevenly. In this case, an experienced doctor should be able to offer some alternate to bleaching.

2. Pre-treatment: Once a patient is eligible to get the professional teeth whitening, a hygienist should then thoroughly clean the teeth. The dentist must ensure that all the cavities are treated and filled because if there are untreated cavities, then the solution may penetrate through the cavity into the internal parts of the tooth.

3. Proper medication: In some cases, laser teeth whitening Brisbane dentists undertake can cause temporary sensitivity, especially in people with tooth sensitivity. To treat this, the doctor should prescribe a non-steroidal, anti- inflammatory medicine before the first whitening session.

4. Whitening process: When the patient is finally ready for the professional teeth whitening Sydney based, the doctor uses a guard to keep the mouth wide open and applies a barrier to protect the gums from the whitening solution.

After this, he applies a whitening solution over the surface of the teeth with the help of a syringe. Then the compound is activated with the help of pen like laser which causes foaming while lifting the stains. After this, he allows the foam to remain there for some time before he wipes off the compound with the aid of a small vacuum equipment. This particular process can be repeated as many as three times, depending on the patient’s requirement. After completion of the process, the doctor must remove the protective layer.


If you wish to know about the professional teeth whitening cost, well, consult a dentist near you. Their fee generally includes treatment for teeth of both the jaws, but you should always ask about the same. Generally, more than one session is required to get the right level of whiteness. The amount you will need to pay totally depends on the condition of your teeth and the time taken to complete the treatment so that you too can get a celeb like glowing smile.

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Jesset Moller